Sales consultancy picks up the data from the online websites and plies to the needs of the customers. For example, there are many job portals like, etc. where applicants upload their resumes for getting a better job these consultancies pick up the data and tries to satisfy the needs of the customers by providing them relevant information. Consultancy is an agency, which looks to the exact needs of the people and caters to their needs and in return charging a handsome amount of wealth. They help to increase the promotions of the candidate. It results in betterment of customer relationship with the organization.

Market is a commercializing place where all type of products exits, or we can define it as per second competitive world where one or the other person is involved in promotion of the products produced by their companies, which they always promote to be better than the other is. Research focuses on digging the product details. This can be done from customer point of view and option i.e. what they feel about a particular product or services that they use. For example, we can take the case of messaging sites from where one can send free messages and share an add as well as win a free recharge. There one can find the feedback form, which reflects whether a customer is satisfied with the product services, or not. It includes some very basic questionnaire. It colligates consumers and public to the producer of the product by providing the customers different information regarding the product. It implements two strategies i.e. consumer marketing research and business-to-business marketing research. The task of marketing research (MR) is to provide management with pertinent, precise, authentic and well-grounded information.