5 Out-Of-The-Box Hacks for Social Media Marketing on Facebook

Besides being a popular social networking site, Facebook also provides a digital platform for social media marketers and brands to promote their products and services. As only half of the small business enterprises currently use social media to market their business, there is a global opportunity for the rise of social media marketing.

So, how can you, as an entrepreneur, build your brand awareness using Facebook? Listed below are 5 out-of-the-box hacks that you can try:

1. Content curation
Content curation is the process of going through vast amounts of data on the web and then organizing them around the specific theme. An example of curated content is infographics, which may take time to develop but can impart valuable information about your brand content to your online brand followers and influencers.

2. Scale up your social media postings.
Maintaining a steady frequency of social media posts on Facebook is critical for online marketing success. Ensure a good digital infrastructure with fast speeds for a global audience.

3. Learn to break social marketing rules.
Chances are high that you are not the only one following all social marketing rules. Then how does your product stand out? Relying on advices from social media gurus may increase your traffic, but not your sales. Use analytical tools for feedback from your customers as to the content that engages them the most.

4. Use of visual marketing tools
The future of marketing is going to be visual. Visual tools such as Pinterest and Curalate are popular for their visual leverage. With capabilities such as visual search functionality, it makes sense to position your brand with the power and utility of images.

5. Respect social media influencers.
When product influencers and social media leaders share your branding posts and post comments, your brand gains value and recognition among their followers. To engage these influencers, you can motivate them to share and promote your brand, or provide guest blogs, or learn about the latest trend in the online world.