5 Out-Of-The-Box Hacks for Social Media Marketing on Facebook

Besides being a popular social networking site, Facebook also provides a digital platform for social media marketers and brands to promote their products and services. As only half of the small business enterprises currently use social media to market their business, there is a global opportunity for the rise of social media marketing.

So, how can you, as an entrepreneur, build your brand awareness using Facebook? Listed below are 5 out-of-the-box hacks that you can try:

1. Content curation
Content curation is the process of going through vast amounts of data on the web and then organizing them around the specific theme. An example of curated content is infographics, which may take time to develop but can impart valuable information about your brand content to your online brand followers and influencers.

2. Scale up your social media postings.
Maintaining a steady frequency of social media posts on Facebook is critical for online marketing success. Ensure a good digital infrastructure with fast speeds for a global audience.

3. Learn to break social marketing rules.
Chances are high that you are not the only one following all social marketing rules. Then how does your product stand out? Relying on advices from social media gurus may increase your traffic, but not your sales. Use analytical tools for feedback from your customers as to the content that engages them the most.

4. Use of visual marketing tools
The future of marketing is going to be visual. Visual tools such as Pinterest and Curalate are popular for their visual leverage. With capabilities such as visual search functionality, it makes sense to position your brand with the power and utility of images.

5. Respect social media influencers.
When product influencers and social media leaders share your branding posts and post comments, your brand gains value and recognition among their followers. To engage these influencers, you can motivate them to share and promote your brand, or provide guest blogs, or learn about the latest trend in the online world.

5 Popular Online Marketing Tools

Online marketing gives the prospect of evaluating what components of people’s approach work. The 5 popular online marketing tools that give a company the opportunity to make its online presence felt are mentioned here. All these are highly effective.

Cyfe : It is a fully developed online marketing tool. It links all the online activities of people, and is not only limited to social media. Registering with its plan, ‘forever free’ is simple and is completed on just entering the name, email and password. This tool consists of innumerable gizmos for a variety of reasons. These may vary from marketing to emailing, blogging to selling, funding to analyzing and search engine optimizing to social media and web analytics. One of the gizmos helps people add various profiles to their accounts.

Sendible : This is a tool which can schedule posts with respect to social network in the future. It brings people’s social media conversations beneath a single roof. These people can even write and upload blogs on Tumblr, WordPress and Blogspot.

Online Chat : Online sellers provide chat support services that have expanded with time. Using tools of online chat like LiveHelpNow, Olark, etc, people can trace their analytics. A chat online can also offer the very essential one-to-one-interaction with clients so that the sales are stepped-up.

Online Videos : People watch online videos for entertainment and research purposes. Nowadays, online videos regarding marketing are associated with television marketing and content. Growing rapidly in use, these videos benefit small business dealers.

Hootsuite : This tool is highly trendy and more than six million users make use of it. Its dashboard exists in thirteen languages. People can register for free or even log on to the site using their facebook, google and twitter accounts. It makes scheduling quite easy and facilitates the addition of the social media sites, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, WordPress, Four Square and Mixi.

The above 5 popular tools online help in one of the best marketings.

Online Branding

A brand is intended to differentiate a company’s offer and create a distinct recognition in the minds of consumers; it can convey multiple meanings through the use of symbols, design and words. A powerful brand leads to higher sales as customers can easily identify them from the crowd of offers.  Continuous tab on brands can be attained through the judicious use of internet tools like SEO, online metrics, online research, online marketing, content management, and blogs. Such tools help in assessing the brand equity and taking important branding decisions including rebranding and also in keeping the brand vibrant by continuous communications with customers.

Why internet marketing is better than banner marketing

There is a great demand of internet marketing these days. Internet marketing is used by small and large companies to develop their business. In earlier days, business owners used to adopt traditional marketing techniques to increase their profits. The traditional marketing strategies have been replaced by internet marketing strategies, as they are very cost-effective and productive. You need not have to spend much to promote your products and services, if you are using internet marketing strategies. Internet is one of the best mediums that connect people from across different countries of the world.

There are a number of reliable websites that provide internet marketing solutions to their customers. Through internet marketing, your products and services will be viewed by maximum number of customers in a short time period. If we compare internet marketing with banner marketing, we find internet marketing to be more fruitful and less expensive. Internet marketing has a better scope and profile. Moreover, you can enhance the online presence of your company. If you are in search of internet marketing service provider, you can visit alcopromotion.com. You can maintain a constant online presence, which attracts large number of potential customers. Internet marketing allows more and more people to know about your products compared to banner marketing.

Marketing Intelligence and Research

In today’s competitive environment, where consumer has a plethora of choices, knowing the market is becoming a necessary condition, not only to grow but even to survive. A firm should continuously gather information regarding the market, as such information would provide the marketing decision makers clues for formulating and adapting their marketing strategies.

Marketing Strategies relate to what the company wants to offer (the product or service or both),the pricing of the offer, the promotion of the product or service and the way the product/service should be made accessible to the customers (distribution of the product).Marketing strategies also relates to who the company wants to sell its product or service to, whether the product is for everyone or targeted to any particular group of people (segmentation)

Firms can get market related information from their internal records, marketing intelligence and marketing research setups. Marketing intelligence refers to how managers can obtain regular information regarding important external developments affecting the firm. Marketing research refers to a systematic investigation procedure to discover facts or collect information regarding particular aspect related to marketing. For gathering marketing intelligence and undertaking market research firms can take the help of marketing consultancies. Marketing consultancies keep on gathering relevant information on various trades and can provide useful suggestions for improving sales, growth, coverage, brand name etc. They can also suggest and provide information regarding industry and market characteristics and trends, product/service pricing, product development, distribution, promotion and buyer behavior. Marketing consultancies also provide useful suggestions and information to start-ups and even existing firms who want to enter any new market or introduce any new product. Marketing consultancies can also help firms gather data from internal records including online records and present it as useful information.

Services of a Marketing Consultancy are particularly useful when a firm does not have its own set ups for gathering marketing intelligence and market research; such set ups require time and investments and risk in the sense that the firm may not be able to earn as much as it has had to spend; hence it is advisable to focus on the sales, not miss the wave and seek outside help and incur operational costs instead of capital costs. Even firms, which have in-house setups, may find services of a marketing consultancy useful for augmenting its marketing efforts.

These days it is important to have a strong physical as well as a virtual presence. Marketing Consultancies can provide firms useful suggestions on how to best design their web sites and online stores so as to maximize traffic and reach their target audience.


Leverage your marketing campaign with digital promotion

Digital promotion can said to be an effective way of marketing, where the products and services are promoted by creating brand awareness among consumers. Today, most of the organizations use this technique to promote their business and increase their sales. In this method of digital promotion, the products and services of the business are promoted or advertised through electronic media and websites. Some of the commonly used tools in digital promotion include – steamers, signs, promotional activities, brochures and blueprints of websites.    Digital promotion campaigns can fit well in whatever the marketing strategy you are applying. It may take the form of SIM promotion, mobile/music download promotion etc, which will complement the advertising channels and are meant for replacing them. Hence, you are at the benefit of getting channel promotion along with digital promotion. The digital promotions expand your research in the consumer market and improve the awareness of your brand. In short, digital promotions can go a long way and helps in earning the customer loyalty, which is very essential for the growth of your business.

Another advantage of digital promotions is that it is very cost-effective. It attracts almost 5 times more customers than the traditional methods of promotion. Moreover, digital promotion can help you in maintaining the existing customers along with finding new customers. Most of the companies use different promotional techniques like – discount, deals, and special offers etc to maintain customer loyalty. But, a digital promotion works in a different way and boosts your profits by keeping your budget constant throughout. Companies need not have to offer any discount or coupons to promote your business. To promote your business, you can tie up the promotion to fulfill any condition like – buying, upgrading, referring friends etc. For example – You can ask the customer to refer your products to somebody else and get free wallpaper for your Smartphone or PC. On the other hand, you can ask the customer to upgrade to your premium membership and get a skin free for your iPad.  By promoting the products in this way, you will save a lot of money.  Today, most people are techno-savvy and they get attracted easily to the freebies you are giving to promote your products and services.

Digital promotions are one of the excellent campaigns that gain a huge customer loyalty. To know more about the digital promotions, you can visit alcopromotions.com. You will be offered with a variety of services to promote your business and increase its sales.